Monero On eToro: Is This Possible?

Monero has been making headlines a lot lately and the privacy-oriented coin managed log trigger increased interest among crypto enthusiasts aswell.

The online publication CryptoTicker made readers freak out with their latest headline which involved the possibility of Monero being listed on eToro.

The article debuts with a brief description of Monero, which is a popular digital asset that allows users to execute transactions entirely anonymously.

They also noted that this could be a disadvantage because Monero and such privacy coins cannot be regulated.

The online publication also makes sure to note the fact that privacy coins are definitely an advancement of the digital form of money like Bitcoin.

“However, companies like eToro are subject to regulation; they must be careful to act by the rules; otherwise, they face heavy penalties. For example, on 8th August Coinbase UK removed the Privacy coin Zcash from the list. There was no concrete reason for this. It is speculated that it happened because of pressure from the tax authorities,” they write.

The conclusion is pretty predictable and states that Monero will not be supported on eToro.

Monero in the news

Monero was recently in the news when Jeffrey David Berwick, a renowned anarcho-capitalist, has been recently interviewed on Fox News after he became a crypto enthusiast.

OurBitcoinNews reported that Bloomberg has spoken with the man as well regarding the growth of cryptos in the financial sector.

He talked about Monero as well, and Berwick “denounced the German lawmakers for looking down on Monero and condemned the fishing expedition conducted by the IMF, the Federal Reserve, etc.”

If you’re wondering how’s Monero doing in terms of pricing, well today, at the moment of writing this article XMR is trading in the green and the privacy-oriented coin is priced at $59.30.

The coin is still positioned on the 13th spot on CMC.



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