Monero Struggles Below $80 Ahead Of The Monero Village DefCon 2019

Monero has been in the spotlight a lot this year due to both positive achievements and various reports regarding the illegal use of the privacy-oriented coin.

More investors have chosen the privacy coin as an investment for the future due to its amazing privacy features.

Reuters’ report on Monero

On the other hand, Monero was in the spotlight not too long ago following a report from Reuters, which was detailing various illegal activities that involved the coin.

The Monero community was not too excited after reading Reuters’ report.

Monero Outreach, which is a workgroup of the decentralized Monero community, responded with a whole new blog post.

The blog post was titled A Response to Reuters, and it was published on 20th May.

“[…] the story that ‘examines the features and characteristics of some of the alternatives to bitcoin […]’ it arguably overemphasized the criminal use of Monero and under presented the features and characteristics that make Monero great and popular.”

At the moment, XMR is trading in the green on CMC and the coin is priced at $79.02 at the moment of writing this article.

Monero Village DefCon 2019

In other news, there’s an important upcoming event scheduled for the Monero community.

Monero Village DefCon 2019 will be taking place between August 8 and August 11.

According to the official website, the Monero Village has been created by the Monero community members with the main goal of “teaching others about, and spreading awareness of, the cryptocurrency Monero, and what it adds to both the cryptocurrency space, as well as the global privacy conversation.”

The focus of this important event is to educate people on Monero and to details the advantages that it can bring to the crypto space.

“Utilizing concepts from blockchain, economics, cryptography, and privacy technologies, Monero stands head and shoulders above other cryptocurrencies, because of its radical approach to privacy and liberty,” according to the official notes.



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