There are all kinds of optimistic predictions about the price of important digital assets these days. Check out the latest reports about this below.

New crypto predictions

A popular crypto analyst, Dave the Wave, who has made several successful predictions in recent years, has expressed positivity towards Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC).

The anonymous trader has shared with his 139,000 Twitter followers that LTC might be preparing for a breakout from a triangle pattern, and at the same time, Bitcoin is rebounding from a critical support level.

“LTC threatening to go on a runner…

As they say, ‘Don’t marry a coin.’ This allows you to diversify a bit, hedge your bets, take some profits on volatility while also staying long your main BTC investment.”

According to Dave the Wave, Bitcoin is still following the scenario he predicted in February of this year.

He believes that Bitcoin will experience a five-wave impulse to the upside, which will conclude in late 2024 or early 2025, resulting in a value of approximately $150,000.

“BTC impulse wave scenario still on track four months later…”

It’s also worth noting that Dave the Wave said that massive gains were now on the table for Bitcoin, based on a combination of his logarithmic growth curve model and Fibonacci levels.

“With a consensus building that the BTC bottom is in, the question increasingly raised is what could the next top be. A proportionate response within the parameters of the LGC (logarithmic growth curve)… performing since 2018.”

Credible Crypto trader predicts that Bitcoin is set to make significant gains in the high timeframe, as he expects bullish momentum to grow exponentially in the upcoming months.

Credible Crypto uses BTC’s 2020 bull market as an example, a period when Bitcoin generated monster rallies for six straight months.

“For example, on our last impulse ($10,000-$60,000) the monthly candles following our major monthly retest at $10,000 (equivalent to the one we just got here at $25,000) were larger than any of the preceding ones and continued to grow in size till our peak.

The first was a $3,600 move, the next a near $7,000 move, the one after that a whopping $12,000 move, after that a $15,000 move and the 2nd to last monthly candle prior to our peak an incredible $25,000 move.

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