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New Decentralized Fiat-To-Crypto Gateway Launched On Ethereum For Visa And Mastercard Users

The crypto space has been filled with various moves this year so far. One of the main goals has been the mainstream adoption of cryptos, and there have been made a lot of useful efforts in this direction, in order to reach this highly important goal.

It’s been just reported that a decentralized crypto exchange has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

First non-custodial fiat-to-crypto gateway

This initiative belongs to Kyber Network creator and is launching one of the very first non-custodial fiat-to-crypto gateways.

KyberSwap is introduced via a partnership with Coindirect, according to the latest reports coming from the Daily Hodl.

This is a Hong Kong-based crypto payment service provider backed by MakerDAO.

Anyone could buy crypto with fiat easier using Visa and Mastercard

The main focus is to help everyone to be able to buy crypto with fiat easier and with low fees of 3.5% by using Visa and Mastercard debit or credit cards.

The announcement revealed that KyberSwap supports trading with ETH and ERC20 compliant tokens.

This is designed to be a fast, simple and especially secure DEX for anyone and this includes new crypto users as well.

Key features

Here are the key features as they were reported by the Daily Hodl:

  • Fiat to crypto on-ramp
  • Fully on-chain token swaps
  • Non-custodial Limit Orders
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Straightforward UI/UX

The online publication mentioned above notes that KyberSwap is expecting that the new platform to spur adoption by eliminating complex KYC for smaller accounts and enabling the crypto curious people.

“Imagine a curious user who wants to try DApps on Ethereum, and would like to start by buying a small amount e.g. 20 Euro worth of ETH. There aren’t many fast and convenient ways to do so. Coindirect allows small purchases of crypto, with just basic credit card information,” according to official notes.

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