The crypto space is celebrating as Bitcoin finally managed to surpass the essential level of $10k.

This is an important FOMO triggering level, and according to a recent Forbes article, the Wall Street believes that we’ll be seeing more surge for the king coin from now.

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson believes Adam Back is Satoshi Nakamoto

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson believes that Blockstream CEP Adam Back could be Satoshi Nakamoto.

He said that there are various reasons for which he believes that this could be true and these include his experience in privacy and cryptography.

Just in case you don’t know, Back is the inventor of Hashcash, a proof-of-work system that ultimately became a cornerstone for BTC.

Hoskinson told Cointelegraph the following:

“These are just great examples of what you would expect from the inventor of a proto-system that’s almost Bitcoin, to kind of keep doing that research. The other thing is that Back is an expert in cryptography and he has a lot of experience in privacy.”

He continued and said: “So you say, OK, who would have enough operational security knowledge to create an alias that’s very secure and capable of defending against? That would be Back. Back was friends with Hal Finney. They knew each other for a long time. The very second person to enter the Bitcoin space.”

Anyway, Back said he’s not Satoshi.

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