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NFTs Rise In 2021: Womplay Launches NFT Project For Gaming Rewards Platform

NFTs have seen a massive rise this year and the momentum is still right here. More and more projects which are really interesting are popping up on a regular basis.

At the beginning of this year, NFTs exploded with items selling for massive prices, even for millions of dollars – such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s very first tweet ever. Various organizations can benefit from the limitless opportunities of items that can be digitized and commodified as NFTs.

Organizations can benefit from the unique nature of these digital mints as rewards or gifts for customer bases.

Now, it’s been reported that Spielworks which is a leading blockchain startup that’s specialized in gaming and DeFi solutions introduces NFTs to its gaming loyalty platform called Womplay.

It’s worth noting that Spielworks brings the significant advantages of blockchain to mass-market gaming: True ownership of digital assets, secure handling of tokens and easy interaction with blockchain games.

NFTs in Womplay

The NFTs in Womplay are playable characters and more in-game content from the listed partner game titles and these will be given to players as rewards for their in-game achievements and tasks that they are completing on the platform.

The gaming loyalty platform holds 21 mainstream top-tier game titles and over 800k users – they get crypto rewards for mobile and desktop games. According to an official press release, gamers can earn collectible in-game items or rare art pieces as NFTs – these can be exchanged or used otherwise in the Womplay ecosystem.

The main target of Womplay is to promote exchanging and holding NFTs within the ecosystem rather than cash out.

Spielworks also plans to provide an infrastructure to businesses to issue and interact with NFTs natively from their own apps.

This solution will use the publishers’ game intellectual property and allow them to issue the NFTs without having to interact with the underlying blockchain.

“We are excited and proud to be launching this new NFT-rewards infrastructure program for the gaming world and beyond,” says Adrian Krion, Spielworks CEO.

He continued and said: “NFTs have opened an entirely new universe for gaming companies to incentivize players to play more, and have barely scratched the surface with it. Even beyond the gaming realm, there is enormous potential to use them as incentives for customer retention and other CRM applications.”

The project’s goal is to allow companies to benefit from the opportunity of operating independent NFT issuance natively. The project also aims to enable the creative implementation of NFTs into DeFi apps.

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