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OpenLTV Launches Revolutionizing Investing Platform Using The Blockchain Transparency And Teams Up With Paxos

Today, in such a crowded space, it can become quite a challenge to find viable investment opportunities that can provide substantial asset-backed collateral.

Let’s take the “flipping houses” phenomenon, for instance. There are various TV series which are showcasing this market which became extremely profitable.

Just think about the fact that last year, there were more than 200k houses “flipped” in the U.S., but there were reportedly even more houses that have been bought for longer-term investments which involve the strategy of “buy, renovate, and hold.”

OpenLTV supports the investment space

OpenLTV is supporting investors all over the world with its latest move.

The company provides fractional investing in loans that are secured by real estate in the United States.

And, speaking of the “flipping houses” phenomenon above, the platform will support investors all over the world in order to take part in this practice and be able to earn impressive returns.

Its latest move involves teaming up with Paxos and launching the innovative investment platform.

Just in case you’ve never heard of Paxos, the company’s main target is to revolutionize finance by mobilizing assets with Internet speed.

It has been discussed of digital assets traveling with the speed of information, and this is a fundamental issue in today’s crypto space.

Building a transparent platform for investors

As we were saying above, OpenLTV is working on a platform targeting investors who will be able to enjoy transparent passive income.

The main target is investors who want to benefit from exposure to the U.S. real estate-backed debt. The platform will start to accept the Paxos stable coin as well.

Investors will be able to earn passive income that’s collateralized by the U.S. real estate, and there won’t be the need to be an owner of the property.

Users will get the chance to invest using crypto, and they will get the opportunity to earn 8-12% return on a yearly basis.

The platform’s securities will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain as a security token. This will ensure maximum transparency and ease of trading.

Via the partnership mentioned above with Paxos, the latter will be integrated into the OpenLTC ecosystem and will enable the payment in PAX stablecoin. The equivalent is of one U.S. dollar.

Kirill Bensonoff, CEO of OpenLTV has manifested his enthusiasm regarding the new platform and the partnership with Paxios as well, highlighting the focus on bringing “a long-standing and secure investment option in the real estate industry to the financial future.”

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