In summary:

  • Pundi X has a new COVID19 global relief program for merchants. 
  • It includes 50 free XPOS devices and a 45% discount on XPOS handy devices till April 30th.
  • With the confirmation that COVID19 is being spread by banknotes, cashless systems such as Pundi X’s XPOS offer a safer alternative. 

At the time of writing this, some of the countries hard-hit by the spread of the Coronavirus are finally flattening the curve. This term is used to explain when the rate of spread of a pandemic starts to decline due to the efforts of governments, health-care professionals and private citizens. With the majority of the world under some form of lockdown or curfew, Pundi X (NPXS) has announced a new COVID-19 Relief Program for merchants who might have challenges during the tough economic times brought about by the Coronavirus.

Pundi X COVID19 Relief Program for Merchants

In a tweet only yesterday, the team at Pundi X explained that the relief program consisted of the following:

  • 50 free XPOS devices for merchants with actual physical stores
  • Merchants to earn 1% of all crypto transaction fee
  • 45% Discount of all XPOS Handy devices till April 30th

To qualify, all a merchant has to do is fill out this google form. The full tweet by the team at Pundi X can be found below.

Merchant Only Has to Pay Shipping and Customs Charges for the Free Devices

The team went on to explain that the offer had one requirement; that the merchant cover the shipping and customs costs. The team further explained the following regarding the same:

One free XPOS® is for one merchant only. No subscription fee is needed. Once approved, all you have to cover is the shipment cost and custom (if applicable).

The estimated shipping cost ranges $40 to $95 depending on location. Delivery time will take 2 to 4 weeks upon confirmation of payment or the KYC results. Due to some jurisdictions’ import regulations, the XPOS® will not be able to ship to some countries like China and some others. We will be able to advise further once we receive your request.

45% Off on the XPOS Handy

Additionally, merchants who wish to purchase the hand-held XPOS Handy now have the chance of purchasing the point of sale device at a 45% discount. This device is ideal for anyone with a key interest in crypto and would also like to enjoy the freedom of mobility when making transactions. However, this offer is limited to 2 devices per merchant.

Need for Cashless Transactions to Combat COVID19

The case for crypto adoption has never been greater than now with the global call to go entirely paperless with financial transactions. Digital assets were made for situations such as these where all transactions are carried out by the simple actions of scanning QR codes and sending the desired amount to the recipient. These digital transactions will play a big role in flattening the curve in the global fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Other crypto projects, such as Binance, have announced their entry into the crypto debit card industry with the launch of their virtual VISA card that will soon start accepting applications.

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