Revolutionizing The Data And AI Economy: Ocean Protocol Launches An IEO On Bittrex On April 30th

Data owners and buyers have never been able to enjoy complete privacy and security for payments while finally owning their rights for real.

Revolutionizing the data and AI economy

Ocean Protocol’s primary goal is to revolutionize the 13 trillion data and AI economy with the help of the innovative blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The platform aims to enable the safe and secure sharing of information, while at the same time making sure to protect privacy and guarantee full control to the user.

The tech allows organizations to put a value on information, own and control their data.

On the other hand, smart contracts enable the data owners to program the conditions of access involving the highest precision.

Ocean allows algorithms and models to travel to the data, be trained and leave without exposing the data or copying it.

This means complete privacy.

According to the latest estimates, by next year 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on the planet, and this mirrors the massive potential that the market has and which has not been explored so far.

Ocean Protocol receives support from the Ocean Foundation which is a non-profit organization from Singapore.

Ocean’s IEO starts on April 30th

Back in March, Ocean’s ICO managed to raise more than $1,800,000. The crowdfunding sites Coinlist and Fractal hosted the sale.

Now, together with Bittrex, Ocean Protocol will hold an IEO on the Bittrex International digital asset platform.

Participants will have the ability to purchase OCEAN tokens. Before the IEO, Ocean has been making sure to complete the most intensive evaluation process that included several regulatory reviews.

The IEO will officially start at 16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST on Tuesday, April 30th. Bittrex users can take part and use BTC.

“With Ocean Protocol, people with data can be connected with people who need data. This is the start of a new data economy and Ocean is the means to promote liquidity and ultimately a financial value for data”, said founder of Ocean Protocol, Bruce Pon.

Closing words

Ocean Protocol brings together the decentralized blockchain technology, a data sharing framework and an ecosystem for data-related services.

The final goal is to revolutionize this market and create a new Data Economy for every person, company, and device in the world.

People will finally get back power and control while reaping value from data.

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