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Ripple and XRP: New Products Are In The Pipeline For 2020

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Despite not making spectacular movements in price this year as it was expected, XRP still had a great 2019.

The coin saw recognition and adoption due to the technology behind it. Ripple has been making sure to promote all their products and to boost the while XRP ecosystem and trigger adoption.

The San Francisco-based company also managed to bag a lot of important partnerships this year, and we’ve been addressing the one with MoneyGram a lot lately as an example.

Ripple and XRP enthusiasts have been expecting to see some upward moves in the price for the digital asset, but this failed to happen.

Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse said that there are more important things to look after such as adoption, use cases, and developments in the crypto space.

New XRP products in the pipeline for 2020

Ripple vice president of global institutional markets, Breeanne Madigan, said that the reare some new XRP products in the pipeline for 2020.

During the latest episode of The Ripple Drop, Madigan said that there are new use cases for XRP that are on the way as the firm pushes for adoption of its XRP-based cross border payment product ODL.

“We are fortunate at Ripple in that we have the ODL product, which is the first at-scale, institutional-grade, utility-driven use case for digital assets…” she said.

She continued and explained that “We’re excited to build on ODL, and we here at Ripple are focused on new utility and new use cases for XRP through our Xpring initiative, and we’re excited about new products to come in 2020.”

Regarding the price for XRP today, the coin is trading in the red at the moment of writing this article, just like other important coins.

XRP is priced at $0.193894.

Despite massive volatility, there have been a lot of optimistic crypto predictions at the end of 2019.

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