Ripple And XRP: Some Investors Are About To Get Highly Disappointed

Ripple and XRP have been in the spotlight a lot this year and this was mostly due to many partnerships that the company was able to seal and also due to high adoption of XRP.

The San Francisco-based company has been making sure to promote all of its products but also the boost the entire XRP ecosystem and support mainstream adoption.

There’s a massive debate about Ripple’s support of XRP

The debate on whether Ripple owns too much control of the XRP ecosystem seems to be taking a new turn these days, according to the latest reports coming from the Daily Hodl.

The company responds to an XRP advocate who said that Ripple should drop all efforts to support and use XRP.

The advocate, who goes by the name XRP_News on Twitter, sent a message out to 23,000 followers urging Ripple to stay “far away” from XRP:

“Whatever Ripple is doing to help grow the XRP ecosystem, it’s clearly not working. Ripple please stay as far away from XRP as possible.”

The advocate also said: “We don’t want your help. We want an independent digital asset, for the people. Who agrees?”

Ripple’s CTO responds

Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz responds and says that anyone who wants that the company ends its affiliation with the crypto XRP will be disappointed.

Ripple and XRP get positive feedback

Schwartz received a lot of support from Ripple and XRP enthusiasts.

Someone said: “And thank goodness for that!!! If it were not for the incredible work that @Ripple is doing and the massive challenge they are undertaking, I doubt many would even know of #xrp.”

A follower posted: “Good – he doesn’t speak for us all .. you are doing a great job there hon.”

One commenter wrote: “These r bought accounts, don’t waste ur time on these nuts! We don’t even know who we’re talking to. Just trying to frustrate people and shake them out. We know what’s coming!”



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