Ripple Continues Efforts For XRP Mass Adoption With A Recent Move

Ripple has been making increased efforts to promote its products and especially to boost the whole XRP ecosystem this year.

Both entities, Ripple and XRP, had a successful year so far, with the company managing to bag various essential partnerships and XRP gaining popularity and adoption as well.

Ripple makes efforts towards the institutional XRP adoption

There’s a new job opening at Ripple that is placing the spotlight on the firm’s efforts to grow institutional adoption of XRP.

Not too long ago, Ripple said that they are looking for a director of institutional markets whose primary purpose will be to expand the reach, use, and liquidity of XRP.

“This leader will be responsible for expanding XRP markets infrastructure and assisting company efforts to grow market maker, broker, exchange, and other institutional relationships,” according to Ripple.

The company continued and said: “This leader will work closely with a team of financial professionals on the Institutional Markets team, responsible for managing and expanding XRP liquidity to enhance utility and value.”

According to the company, the ideal candidate should have more than a decade of experience in capital markets and a focus on FX commodities.

It’s been reported that the position is at Ripple’s office in NYC and it’s targeted to help the company craft new ways to build commercial p[roducts and services that are based on XRP.

You can read the complete details on this position and requirements in Ripple’s official post.

Ripple’s aim is to replace the traditional cross-border payments system

Ripple’s managing director for Southeast Africa, the Middle East, and North Africa said that the firm is currently pushing hard to replace the financial system, which is decades old and became plagued by all kinds of issues.

Ripple has been making enhanced efforts to surpass SWIFT and more reports claim that they managed to achieve this so far.



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