Ripple Executive Thinks That Crypto Market Requires Specialized Education

Ripple is one of the most considerable forces in the cryptocurrency market. Running innovative platforms like xCurrent and xRapid, Ripple is a big shark in the crypto industry, also thanks to its significant partnerships with mainstream financial institutions, such as MoneyGram. Now, a Ripple executive stated that the crypto market needs specialized education.

Ken Weber, Ripple’s head of social impact, believes that universities from all over the globe should add blockchain and digital assets training courses to their day-to-day education programs. All that because cryptocurrencies and digital coins represent the future of finances in the world.

According to Weber, nowadays, although the crypto market is gaining traction and worldwide recognition, we lack formal methods of education, so the mainstream opinion of digital assets is crooked because of that. Ken Weber addressed that issue on August 20th, during the OpenAccessGovernmen interview. In the same event, Weber revealed a 517% surge in the demand of programmers with blockchain development knowledge.

Crypto Market Requires Specialized Education, Said Ripple Executive

“A large part of the issue is that companies need two types of blockchain professionals. Firstly, they need engineers who possess a deep understanding of the technologies and can implement changes immediately,” explained Ken Weber, Ripple executive on social impact.

“Secondly, they need to fill non-technical roles with senior employees who can make decisions involving the application of blockchain to business objectives. To do this, however, these employees need a working knowledge of technology. The industry has a well-documented, yet growing skills gap that must be fixed,” Weber added.

However, about 40 percent of the world’s universities provide blockchain- and crypto market-related course, connected to engineering, business administration, law, and so on. Ken Weber believes that each university around the globe must offer classes on the exact role of crypto and blockchain in different industries. Besides, the Ripple executive asks blockchain companies to collaborate with academic sources to help in the formation of a workforce dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain.


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