​Some new job openings have been spotted on the Internet, reportedly posted by Ripple. These new listings suggest the platform plans to expand its global reach and make use of its native crypto coin XRP.

According to the listings, the San Francisco-based startup is currently looking for a senior product manager that will be a part of the developer services of Ripple subsidiary Xpring.

What the Job Opportunity Consists Of

As the job post notes, the successful candidate will be employed as the head of the company’s Xpring division in an attempt to offer developers the tools and services they require in order to include blockchain payments into apps.

“We are seeking an experienced product manager to helm the cross-functional team responsible for building a robust, global developer ecosystem through {X}pring developer platform,” ​the job opening post says.

As per the listing, the successful candidate will be expected to establish ‘strong relationships with developers’ all over the world in a growing manner by creating different products that will help developers build the Internet of Value (IOV).

The post continues: “Our team works with the largest developer audience possible. We are engineers + storytellers, representing {X}pring to communities all around the world, inspiring the creation of the future where money flows like data today.”

​Spreading the Adoption of XRP in Asia

​Ripple’s latest job openings also suggest an upcoming attempt to expand the adoption of its native cryptocurrency, XRP, in Asia. The payment company is now looking to fill in the positions of account manager, integration engineer, marketing manager, and project manager at SBI Ripple Asia, which is a joint collaboration between Ripple and Tokyo-based financial firm SBI Holdings.

The fintech company is providing a payment platform powered by distributed ledger technology, also known as DLT, to financial institutions and remittance establishments in Asia.

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