Ripple New Deals With Vitesse And Interbank – How Would That Influence XRP (XRP)?

Yesterday, Ripple’s website was briefly down for maintenance. When it came back to ‘life,’ there were two new customers icons presented. More specifically, it seems that Ripple signed new partnerships with Vitesse and Interbank. But, how would that influence XRP (XRP)?

About Vitesse and Interbank

Vitesse is a UK-based payment services company, founded in 2013. Vitesse centers on international payments, meaning that it might have dealt with Ripple for using its XRP-based platforms for cross-border transactions.

On the other hand, Interbank is a bank from Peru, founded back in 1897 in Lima. It is a medium-sized financial institution with a total of 4 billion US Dollars.

How these new deals help Ripple

Ripple is one of the most popular blockchain companies, and its XRP (XRP) crypto token is also trendy among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

With dozens of big companies in its bag, such as MoneyGram, Santander, SBI, and others, Ripple is on the right track to revolutionize the financial and banking sector with fast and reliable cross-border transaction platforms.

The partnership with Interbank would most likely focus on Ripple’s xCurrent. Also, the deal would secure Ripple’s presence in South America.

On the other hand, Vitesse would center on XRP (XRP)-based platforms for immediate and secure cross-border payments. This agreement would also help Ripple increase XRP adoption.

How would the new Ripple partnerships influence XRP (XRP)?

As we’ve mentioned above, Vitesse focuses on international payments, and that would mean the use of XRP-based platforms, such as xRapid.

If that’s true, the Ripple deal with Vitesse will increase the adoption of the XRP. That could lead to a surge in the XRP (XRP) price against the USD. At the moment, XRP (XRP) is the third cryptocurrency in the market and trades at 0.297 USD.

Nonetheless, recently, XRP (XRP) recorded another success as NASDAQ  added XRP Liquid Index (XRPLX). This move could surge XRP price and attract institutional investors.





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