Ripple had quite a great 2019, and this year, despite the global crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, the company is still making various moves, going on with its projects.

Ripple has been making increased efforts to promote the XRP ecosystem.

During a recent Treasury Insights podcast, Julie Harris, who is the head of global banking at Bank of America, highlighted some of the bank’s partnership with Ripple details that have been unclear for many years.

The banking system over the next ten years

When she spoke about what will happen in the banking system over the next ten years, Harris said that BofA’s main goal is to make sure that customers can get things done from anywhere.

Secondly, it’s essential to integrate new solutions and keep pace with the rapid changes in the world of fintech.

She stated the following: “Client experience, and that combination of the high touch and high tech, is really important in a big area of focus for us.”

“So not just the capability but the actual experience and ability to get things done anytime, anywhere because we are an around-the-clock society,” she continued.

She highlighted the benefits coming from partnerships with Ripple and Swift, two entities that “have come through all of our rigor of legal and compliance, and we’re able to leverage our banking as a platform.”

So far, the partnership with Ripple was not yet confirmed.

Ripple community gets good news

President of Solari, Catherine Austin Fits spoke during a recent interview where the US Navy hired a Danish technology firm to help develop an implantable chip that’s set to work with the Ripple blockchain.

The new moves that are made by the navy to support the blockchain will be helping the company bring new customers for XRP and RippleNet.

Regarding Ripple’s coin, XRP, the digital asset is trading in the green today and XRP is priced at $0.188039.

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