The crypto market looks pretty good today with Bitcoin and most of the altcoins trading in the green.

At the moment of writing this article, the king crypto is priced at $7,003.60.

XRP in the crypto market today

XRP is also trading in the green today, and Ripple’s digital asset is currently priced at $0.183992.

A couple of days ago, sellers pushed the price of XRP down to break below the blue trend line.

In the evening, according to UToday, buyers managed to seize the opportunity and they were able to win back the two hour EMA55.

It’s also important to note that buyers still have the chance to compete for the $0.187 resistance re-test, but it’s also been revealed that this requires a strong bullish momentum, according to the same online publication.

If the buy volume cannot be increased, the price could very well fall to the $0.13 area, according to the same online publication.

Despite the huge volatility in the crypto market, there are still various optimistic predictions about Bitcoin and some of the altcoins as well.

More than that, analysts are also expecting to see increased adoption of the digital assets amidst the economic crisis that’s spreading all over the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Intermex just joined Ripple’s cross-border network

XRP has been gaining more and more popularity for cross border payments these days and Ripple has been working really hard to boost the whole XRP ecosystem.

The San Francisco-based firm has been pushing the mainstream adoption for the digital asset as well.

Intermex is a firm specialized in payments in the US and Latin America, and it’s also one of the first companies that recently joined Ripple’s cross-border payments network.

The company processes over 30 million transactions per year, and it sheds light on the way it plans to leverage Ripple’s services moving forward.

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