It looks like at the end of this week, Ripple manages to mark a new success. The two most important crypto exchanges out there, Coinbase and Binance.US have both restored their support for XRP.

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Ripple sees huge success

Major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.US have resumed trading support for XRP, after a significant court decision in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs.

Coinbase was the first to re-list XRP on Thursday, with Binance.US following suit a day later.

These exchanges had previously suspended XRP trading in the wake of the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple, which began in late 2020.

They’re not the only exchanges to restore XRP support for US users. Kraken and Bitstamp also re-listed the asset on Thursday, and Gemini said it was “exploring the listing of XRP for both spot and derivatives trading.”

On Thursday, Judge Analisa Torres made a ruling that created a stir in the world of cryptocurrency. The SEC had claimed that Ripple had sold XRP as an unregistered security.

However, Judge Torres concluded that the automated, open-market sales of XRP by the San Francisco payment company did not qualify as security sales.

Despite this, the judge agreed with the SEC’s assertion that Ripple’s direct sales of XRP to institutional participants did indeed represent a securities offering. The court will announce a trial date for Ripple and the SEC separately at a later time.

Ripple in the news

Ripple has been recently featured in the news, following the latest move that the company managed to make.

According to a recent report by the Bank of America (BofA), Ripple is one of the few companies that is having a significant impact on the international payments systems through blockchain technology, especially in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

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Regarding the price of XRP today, at the moment of writing this article, XRP is trading in the red and the digital asset is priced at $0,7128.

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