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Ripple (XRP) and Amazon Would Be A Match Made In Crypto Heaven

I will admit from the onset that this is a hypothetical partnership that is yet to happen. But it is always good to muse about the possibilities of some of these Crypto currency projects partnering with major retailing giants that have shaped our lives in the past decade. One such partnership that we’d love to see is between Ripple (XRP) and the current King Of The Hill of online marketplaces, Amazon.

For you to capture the magnitude of such a partnership and how it would revolutionize the already revolutionary online marketplace known as Amazon, one has to sit back and really look at the operations of from all possible angles of business. By doing so, you will be able to pin point situations where Ripple payment settlement services and XRP (the coin) would be able to streamline operations and make an already efficient operation even more efficient.

To begin with, Amazon deals with a lot of suppliers from around the globe. These suppliers need to be paid in a fast and efficient way. Amazon has gone ahead and opened warehouses around the globe in an effort to smoothen operations but a Ripple based payment system would make it even more efficient. Imagine all the manufacturers Amazon deals with. Imagine the complexities of keeping track of invoices and paying them. I am sure they are already using an efficient system but they would be tempted to do what Asia MTM Group Limited did when it said it will start accepting Ripple (XRP) coin payments and using the Ripple ledger system.

Asia MTM works with over 150 factories that make clothes, electronics, plastics and anything else you can think of. This sounds more like what Amazon does although the latter has an additional service in the form of an online marketplace. Trading between Amazon and suppliers would be as easy as scanning a Q.R code and transferring Ripple (XRP) coins.

The second part of operations that Ripple would be a good fit for Amazon is the case of fleet management. Amazon is known to have a very large fleet of airplanes, trucks and warehouses. The traditional fleet management is a complex equation of functions such as vehicle financing, vehicle tracking, driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management. But with Amazon, they have an airport hub in Kentucky with a bunch of Boeing 767 ready to ferry goods from the warehouse to any destination around the globe. Amazon is also test driving and has patented the use of drones to deliver packages. Imagine that?

Now, these functions of Amazon are smooth as is, but Ripple is bound to make them smoother. How? By making payments more secure, faster and cheaper within the functions of fleet management. They can pay for diesel for their trucks, jet fuel for their planes, pay their airplane leases using the payment settlement solutions offered by Ripple. If I were a driver, warehouse worker or a pilot working for Amazon, I’d ask for my salary to be paid in XRP direct to my XRP wallet after taxes. This might be a formula for disaster in my personal finances for I would HODL each and every coin and live a very frugal life similar to that of a miser! My girlfriend would probably head for the hills!

The third and not necessarily the last operation of Amazon that would benefit from a Ripple partnership, is the acceptance of Ripple (XRP) as a payment option on their website. This will mean anyone around the globe can buy items conveniently using crypto. The speculation and rumors of this happening in 2018 are all over the web. But rumor usually precedes the actuality of an event happening.

Perhaps even individual sellers like me and you who make extra cash selling books and random electronics on the site, can accept payment from Amazon in the form of XRP. But why stop there when Amazon can pay its self-publishing authors on the Kindle platform using XRP. This last possibility can also be a situation where paying for Kindle subscriptions might be an entire operation involving only XRP. And when you throw in the subscriptions of Amazon Prime, Ripple can make all these functions quite smooth and secure.

In a nutshell, a Ripple and Amazon partnership would farther accelerate an already efficient operation, into a more super charged one and also more consumer friendly. This is based on the self evident facts that Ripple payment solutions and the coin are secure, fast and cheap ($0.0004) to use.

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