The crypto market didn’t have the best past weeks and Bitcoin also lost more than $1,000 in value. Fortunately, things are starting to look better, and Ripple is one of the coins that’s expecting a surge. Essential partnerships will support Ripple’s development.

Currencies Direct adopts Ripple

Ripple teamed up with notable names that are set to adopt the xRapid platform and the XRP currency for international deals. This will result in an increased XRD demand and improved performance.

Currencies Direct is based in the UK, and the company just performed a full test using xRapid to transfer money over international borders. Everything worked out great.

Brian Harris, Chief Product Officer at Currencies Direct, tweeted about the success of these tests, and you can see his tweets below.

There are more financial institutions that are currently testing Ripple’s blockchain technology, and it’s also worth noting that 75% of the world’s biggest banks are already using the crypto for business daily.

Ripple will save the bank and its client from 40% to 70% in transaction costs and fees and the speed is overwhelming. A transaction takes about two minutes to complete, compared to the traditional SWIFT system which takes much longer.

KFH joined RippleNet

The Kuwait Finance House (KFH) also joined the RippleNet, and it’s important because they are the first bank in the country to adopt it. KFH adopted Ripple especially for its international quick money transfers and for the fact that it makes the humanitarian work more plausible and straightforward.

SBI Virtual Currency teamed up with Ripple

The Japan-based exchange platform listed Ripple (XRP) on their website. The important thing is that they only listed Ripple. It’s most likely that the exchange will add more cryptos soon as well, but for the moment there’s none other mentioned apart from Ripple. This is a hint of their intentions to make XRP the main crypto that the exchange is going to list.

All these recent partnerships will probably lead to a surge soon.

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