Ripple’s XRP: Craig Wright Accuses The Token Of Being A Security & Scam, While Ran Neu-Ner Says “Put All Your Money Into XRP”

Ripple’s XRP is all over the news with its latest achievements, partnerships and price surge as well.

The token has both haters and supporters, and the latest most significant ones will be addressed below.

Craig Wright slams Ripple’s digital asset

The Australian computer scientist and businessman called XRP an “illegal unregistered security platform to take down.” He was referring to the recent reports made by the SEC on ICOs, claiming that “any use-case for ETH no longer exists.”

Wright said that XRP is the next token to be labeled by the SEC as a security, based on the fact that XRP is not registered which makes it a scam, according to him.

“For XRP not to be a security, it will need to be a real utility offer. IF something is exchanged with expectations of profit, it is not a utility token. XRP is a tradable good that is sold under the expectation of profit. That in itself makes it a security,’ he said.

Ran Neu-Ner supports XRP

This past Saturday, November 17, the host of CNBC Africa’s Crypto Trader show was commenting on the Bitcoin Cash Civil War, and he made this particular essential comment at one point:

“These hash wars highlight why everyone should dump BTC and BCH and just put all their money into XRP.”

Neu-Ner is the co-founder of Onchain Capital.

His tweet was probably intended as a joke, but it’s a known fact that he appreciates XRP and the Ripple community which has been growing a lot over the past few months.

He recently revealed the results of a poll that he conducted which was asking his followers if they were to receive a gift of $10,000 that they had to keep for ten years, in what form they would choose to accept it.

The four options were: Bitcoin, Ripple‘s XRP, BCH SV, and American Airline Miles and you can see the results here:


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