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Sexiest Man In Crypto John McAfee Moves To Revolutionize Cryptocurrency

Talking about cryptocurrency bigwigs, it is very hard to point at two or three persons without mentioning John McAfee.

Buy Property with Cryptocurrency

McAfee, who created the popular anti-virus software that bears his name, joined the cryptocurrency community campaigning for currency revolution, while preaching for its wide adoption by government without any form of threat. Ever since, McAfee tweets, due to its proficiency, have been serving as predictions and have the tendency to propel any cryptocurrency project in a twinkle of an eye with massive adoption from people.

Cryptocurrency War: A Revolution In Disguise?

Renowned cryptocurrency John McAfee, is trying hard to get troops who could help fight a war with government, banks, and financial institutions who already declared war on crypto lovers by restricting their access to purchasing cryptocurrency with credit cards.

While no one can deny that some banks have restricted people from buying crypto with credit cards, especially in countries like US and UK banks. They still went ahead to stipulate exorbitant levies on crypto buyers, maintaining that banks first initiated a ban, followed by exchanges who levied huge fees after categorizing credit card purchases as cash advances.

The hatred has gotten deep into the nooks and corners of the world and no doubt, banks do not look crypto with good eyes.

Mr. McAfee, who had earlier predicted that Bitcoin will reach 15k in June, revealed that Security and Exchange Commission wants to abscond with crypto, this is the reason they are treating some of them as securities.

The war, according to McAfee started from the governments, but on the crypto lovers’ side it is necessary to write to congressmen. The war, if well fought, could be a blessing in disguise to the world.

In a tweet centered on The Declaration of Currency Independence, McAfee Said: “For privacy to exist, we must have freedom of choice. We do not have that in cryptocurrency. We have written the founding document of the Crypto movement: The Declaration Of Currency Independence.”

The Declaration Of Currency Independence, a team McAfee project, as explained on its website, enlightens the crypto community on the power of currency independence without any government threat. Attempts to clampdown on cryptocurrency can be wrestled with the power of the people, doing so gives crypto an edge.

On the website, the team said: “As use of cryptocurrencies has spread and adoption rates have grown throughout the world over the past decade, the paradigm of ‘value’ has shifted in the minds of those who truly grasp the capabilities of this new technology of ‘value transfer’. Whereas the Internet changed how humans viewed the transfer of information, cryptoassets are doing the same with the transfer of value.”

“This Declaration of Currency Independence is a direct response to the continued manipulation and destruction that stems from the deliberate degradation of Value across the whole of humanity. We, the undersigned, will dedicate our lives building networks and systems that restore the Integrity of Value and directly challenge the authority of those who seek to destroy Value. “

Mcafee Coin Is The Next Thing

McAfee has announced that his own coin, “McAfee Coin” would be launched in less than26 days. The coin, according to McAfee is going to be a fiat currencies that is backed by crypto.

In a tweet, McAfee said:

“@SmartPayMINT sent this. What’s odd is that tomorrow night I am going to make an announcement of the new “McAfee Coin”, based on a radical new concept: Fiat currencies (collectible) backed by crypto – the reverse of what banks are attempting. Seriously.”

In another tweet, the crypto pundit said the coin is a replica of fiat currency since it is going to be printed on paper.

“No hoax. The “McAfee Redemption Unit” is real and coming in 26 days. The graphic is low res – don’t want to give much away yet. Printed on currency paper, holographs on both sides, serialized, linked to the blockchain, redeemable, convertible, collectible.”

Since the announcement, the McAfee coin has been a topic of discuss on the social media, with enthusiasts pointing that the coin has come to stay considering the pundit’s potentials in the cryptocurrency space.

Cryptocurrency and Sex: McAfee As A Case Study

Touted as the sexiest crypto lord, John McAfee hardly tweet anything without inserting sex into it. Mr. McAfee, well may not mean all he tweets, going by what he said that his wife means a lot to him.

He tweeted about attractive women who cannot reason that he’s old:

“There Is No Tweet As Powerful As A McAfee Tweet” – Ethereum World. Well .. I’m sure that’s incorrect. But they do in fact bring strange and unusual offerings from attractive young women who are either blind, or cannot count (I’m 72).”

The fact is McAfee is trying to be humorous may be the reason he introduces sexy words to make people smile.

“Lest people fall prey to my odd, dry humor: jokes of chasing women, etc, could not be further from the truth. My upside down life deserved nothing, and then Janice @theemrsmcafee came into it. I believed I had known love, but Janice taught me it’s TRUE meaning. Thank you babe.”

In another tweet, he said: “In all seriousness, nothing in my life has blessed me more than meeting my wife.”

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