It has been just revealed the fact that the new bullish predictions from the crypto space are more likely to involve Solana and an ETH-based altcoin. Check out the latest reports about this below.

New crypto predictions are out

A well-known cryptocurrency trader has made a prediction that Solana (SOL) and another altcoin will be among the top performers in the upcoming bull cycle, and he has a reason to support his claim.

The analyst, known by the pseudonym Bluntz, shared with his 224,800 followers on the social media platform X that the recent rallies of SOL and Chainlink (LINK) indicate that the two altcoins will outperform other cryptocurrencies, based on their historical performance.

“So it seems of all the ‘majors,’ SOL and LINK are the two standout outperformers right now that I can see.

In my experience, the first runners usually continue to outperform all through the bull market.”

He continued and said the following:

“Naturally, people feel they missed the boat and want to chase other coins instead in hopes they are lagging. I’ve also done this myself from time to time, but it’s worth remembering that there usually isn’t ‘the next LINK’ or ‘the next SOL.’

The next LINK and SOL are going to keep being LINK and SOL IMO (in my opinion).”

In relation to Ethereum (ETH) versus Bitcoin (BTC), a trader believes that ETH/BTC may be at the beginning of an uptrend due to various indicators, including an engulfing candle.

Traders tend to look for a bullish engulfing candle because it could signal that an asset’s downtrend is about to reverse.

According to the trader, ETH closed the weekly chart as an engulfing candle, along with a confirmed weekly bull divergence.

He also believes the fact that the first test of the weekly 200 MA (moving average) on ETH/BTC has occurred, which the trader believes sets up a favorable scenario for a significant upward movement.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the crypto space.

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