It seems that the innovations in the crypto space continue to reveal great moves ahead. Check out the latest one that Solana-based project Helium dropped.

New exciting project enters the crypto space

Helium Mobile, a decentralized wireless network crypto project on the Solana (SOL) layer-1 blockchain, has introduced a new mobile phone plan that aims to revolutionize the telecom industry.

The plan is available exclusively to residents of Miami as the company scales its coverage model, which combines a nationwide 5G network with the Helium Mobile Network built by people.

Helium Mobile claims that its plan is significantly cheaper than those offered by other telecom companies, with the average phone plan in the US costing around $114 per month according to the comparison shopping engine WhistleOut.

“$5 per month (+ taxes and fees) gets you unlimited talk, text, and data. For some of you, that’s up to 95% less than what you’re paying now.”

Reports indicate that Helium, a T-Mobile partner in providing access to the largest 5G network, claims to have the capability of reducing costs by incentivizing individuals with MOBILE tokens for data sharing instead of relying on corporations. This approach effectively eliminates inefficiencies caused by middlemen and reduces overhead infrastructure costs for the carrier.

CoinShares’ Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly Report confirms that institutional investors have shown increasing optimism towards altcoins, despite Bitcoin and the overall market experiencing outflows for two consecutive weeks. Notably, the report reveals that digital assets have received almost half a billion dollars in inflows midway through 2023.

Minor outflows of $21 million were experienced by digital asset investment products last week, and trading volumes totaled $915 million. While this is lower than the weekly average of $1.5 billion so far this year, further information can be found in our previous article.

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