The recent launch of a stablecoin by PayPal has generated much excitement within the industry, as it marks the entry of a major American payment company into the space.

However, it’s worth noting that the supply of stablecoins has been decreasing for over a year now.

The Block’s data reveals that the total supply of stablecoins has declined by approximately 12% since the beginning of 2023, dropping from $139 billion to $122 billion in August.

PayPal’s importance

Despite this trend, some analysts believe that PayPal’s involvement in the sector could bring about a change in fortunes for stablecoins.

Shipyard Software CEO Mark Lurie stated that if PayPal can demonstrate the use case for stablecoins, it could pave the way for other traditional financial institutions to follow suit. This, in turn, could lead to a surge in stablecoin adoption.

It seems that regulatory bodies are preparing for an increase in the use of stablecoins.

The U.S. Federal Reserve recently sent a letter to state member banks, outlining the proper procedures for dealing with liquidity and illicit finance risks when issuing, holding, or transacting in dollar tokens for payment facilitation.

Additionally, the Federal Reserve has introduced a new program called the “Novel Activities Supervision Program” to strengthen its supervision of banks involved in stablecoin activity and other technology-driven partnerships with nonbanks for delivering financial services to customers.

Similarly, the UK Treasury has updated its proposals for a regulatory regime for systemic stablecoins, outlining how the Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority would co-supervise stablecoin issuance and usage.

In other recent news, according to Circle CEO, Jeremy Allaire, the adoption of USD Coin (USDC), Circle’s stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, is being driven by non-US markets.

Allaire has noted a significant international demand for “safe and transparent digital dollars.” Stay tuned for more crypto news and make sure to keep your eyes on the markets.

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