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Stantinko Botnet Was Caught Mining Monero (XMR) Via YouTube

Monero is one of the most mined digital assets these days. People’s interest in the privacy-oriented coin has been surging for quite a while now, and this is obviously due to high privacy and anonymity features.

Stantinko botnet uses YouTube to skip detection and mines XMR

It’s been revealed that the Stantinko botnet might have infected at least 500,000 devices all over the world, and now it added crypto mining to the toolset, according to the latest reports coming from The Next Web.

It also seems that it’s using YouTube to evade detection.

The online pubcalition cites researchers at cybersecurity solutions provider ESET who say that the botnet’s operators are distributing a module, which is mining privacy-oriented coin Monero.

The botnet is reportedly active since back in 2012 and typically targets Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

According to the online publication, it has “ previously resorted to other methods, including click fraud, ad injection, social network fraud, and password-stealing attacks to generate income.”

ESET researchers stated the following:

“Due to the use of source-level obfuscations with a grain of randomness and the fact that Stantinko’s operators compile this module for each new victim, each sample of the module is unique.”

You should check out the complete details on the issue on the original article of The Next Web, and it’s also recommended that you head over to ESET as well.

Mining Monero Crypto

Monero in the news

In other news, Monero is getting ready for the upcoming hard fork, which is scheduled to take place soon.

Monero wants to move to one of the most awaited ASIC-resistant algorithms – RondomX- from the CryptoNight R Proof of Work algorithm.

Regarding the price of XMR today, the coin was able to hop back on the 13th position on CMC after a few bloody days in which the crypto market has been trading in the red.

At the moment of writing this article, XMR is trading in the green, and the coin is priced above $56.



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