In a cryptosphere where there are very few options for crypto traders and investors to purchase or redeem in fiat, The White Company and Fintech Ltd team up to bring USD, GBP and Euro fiat deposits and withdrawals via White Standard stable coins.

Fintech’s Interstellar Decentralised Exchange platform is the very first Stellar DEX-based exchange and wallet to provide this useful service.

WSD provides instant and efficient transactions

The White Standard (WSD) is the only $USD stable coin that’s built on the Stellar protocol, and it’s 100% backed by deposits which are third-party audited on a monthly basis for increased security.

WSD offers instant and efficient transactions and easy integration in Stellar’s current ecosystem and the Stellar DEX.

White Wallet platform

The White Company also operates the White Wallet platform which allows users to trade WSD with fiat currencies and other cryptos.

The White Company also launches GBP-backed (WSP) and Euro-backed (WSE) stable coins which will be available for purchase and redemption via Interstellar.

“Our goal is to unleash crypto’s real-world potential, and this partnership with Interstellar is the first of many steps in not just bringing the White Standard stable coins to the masses, while increasing the ease for consumers to purchase Stellar lumens (XLM) with USD, GBP, and the Euro,” according to Elizabeth White, CEO of The White Company.

Interstellar is a top secure crypto wallet and decentralized exchange

Interstellar was launched late in 2017 and among its various features is also enables users to deposit, withdraw and trade Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Adding WSD is a step forward toward adding more real-world usability to Interstellar’s system. It will be able to fill the stringent need of a USD anchor that users can purchase and redeem directly with USD.

This is really important considering that most exchanges are limited to trading between cryptos, lacking the ability to withdraw.

Users can deposit fiat and receive cryptos

Users will have the ability to deposit USD, GBP and Euro via the White Company and they’ll receive WSD, WSP and WSE at a 1:1 ratio without any fees involved. They’ll also be able to trade all three stablecoins for Stellar’s XLM token and more cryptos including ETH and BTC.

The medium of exchange will not be subject to the same restrictions that are applied by other exchanges such as Coinbase and frustrate crypto enthusiasts.

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