It has been just revealed that there are new predictions about the stock market and equities. Check out the latest predictions about them below.

Financial predicitons are out

During a recent interview with CNBC, JPMorgan’s head of technical strategy, Jason Hunter, expressed caution towards the stock market.

Hunter warned that the S&P 500 may experience further declines in the short to midterm, as the market index recently reached a high of 4,607 points before beginning to show signs of rolling over.

Despite JPMorgan’s initial bullish outlook after the market surpassed 4,200 points, technical signals began to trigger as the market approached channel resistance at 4,600 points, leading the banking giant to adopt a bearish view going into the fall period.

Furthermore, JPMorgan is closely monitoring the yield curve, which tracks government bond interest rates versus maturities. It is crucial for investors to heed these warnings and adjust their portfolios accordingly.

According to an individual named Hunter, the stock market may face challenges as the yield curve has been inverted for a significant period of time. An inverted yield curve happens when short-term bonds have a higher yield compared to long-term debt instruments.

This has historically been an indication of an upcoming recession, with evidence dating back to the 1970s.

As stated by Hunter, the yield curve has been inverted for approximately a year and a half now.

Looking at the broader cross-market signals, historical data from the early 1970s indicates that 19 to 24 months after an inverted curve, equity markets experience peaks followed by economic contraction.

“As we go into the fourth quarter, you’re about to roll into that window of time from the yield curve inverting from the time ago that it did.”

He continued and stated the following:

“On top of that, just from a yearly cyclical perspective, you’ll get seasonality. It’s well known September and early October [is] not a good time to be in risky markets.”

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