Switch.ag Delivers The Promise Of Decentralization Via A New DEX And Reveals New Listings For Native Token ESH

Switch.ag is a  crypto exchange platform that’s been created with the highest level of simplicity and usability in mind. Decentralization is vital in the crypto space, and the platform makes sure to deliver this feature to its users.

It allows users to buy gift cards and donate to charity with various digital assets.

The platform has launched a DEX (decentralized exchange) called SwitchDex.ag which saw the support of prominent names such as John McAfee.

Switch.ag exchange platform’s best features

The platform is extremely friendly, and users don’t have to be expert traders in order to use it.

You simply have to choose what coins you have and the ones in which you want your crypto converted into.

You will be required to enter the depositing address and the receiving one and also the amount that you want to send in the original digital asset.

The platform will calculate and inform you what the receiving amount will be, and with one click, you will be able to transform the value to the new crypto.

The funds will get deposited in the user’s wallet, and that’s all. Users also have the option to buy gift cards and donate to charity as we already said.

SwitchDex’s benefits

Anyone can sign up to the exchange including the US residents. There are 6 base pairs and more than 100 cryptos available for trading.

It’s also worth noting that the ESH token is already listed on Instant Bitex and DOBI exchange and Mercator & IDEX have confirmed that they will do the same.

Here are the main benefits of the decentralized platform

  • The ownership of the tokens belongs to the traders and not the exchange.
  • The fee is the lowest: 0.2%.
  • Users have the ability to pay a one time fee and the taker fee will be eliminated.
  • 100% of all the fees collected from both platforms are airdropped to token holders.
  • 50% of the fees are airdropped on a monthly basis to ESH token holders and 50% of the fees collected by the decentralized platform are airdropped to SDEX token holders monthly.

The Switch platform is regularly updated and it’s vital that it keeps the promise of decentralization via the SwitchDex platform.

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