The ​Cardano community recently talked in their forum about what the main differences between the current blockchains and the ones in the future will be, in terms of scalability, security, and decentralization.

They also analyzed the way the future will be different with Cardano. The discussions emphasized the way blockchains​ are classified as belonging to a certain generation, and also how generations are differentiated by enhancements over the older structures.

Cardano – The Third-Generation Blockchain​

Bitcoin, being only a ledger for transferring value, is referred to as being the ‘first-generation’ blockchain. Ethereum, offering layer two functionality, such as decentralized apps, DApps, and smart contracts, is known as the second-generation blockchain​.

Cardano providing a value layer in the blockchain​ protocol with Byron staking and rewards via Shelley, smart contracts, and DApps through Guogen, scalability, and interoperability via Basho, as well as truly decentralized governance through Voltaire, is being referred to as the third-generation blockchain​.

The forum blog has comprehensively analyzed the features of the blockchain​ ledgers currently available and further discussed their suggested utility in the near future. They have concluded that the blockchain​s of today will necessarily not substitute, but rather be a development of the already existing blockchain​s. And, the most successful of them will be those who focus on interoperability.

About this, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Cardano (ADA) probably is set to be most interoperable in the future as we are already seeing open interactions between the leaders of Litecoin and ETC.”

Cardano’s Small Pools are Already Working Hard

There is an already comprehensive report on how Cardano has had the highest developer activity on Github,  which doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon

Before they even delivered, there was a lot of work taking place on the Cardano blockchain​, but now that the developers have shipped, they are going to work even harder, as they are trying to pull up and network with other blockchains​ as well.

​Numerous small pools are already working to create the most decentralized cryptocurrency network, with several developers admitting that it has been a long road and that they are seeing history taking shape.

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