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The Largest Trader from Europe to Opt for Crypto

Isn’t it interesting that the largest trader of the exchange funds is slowly going towards crypto? Especially if its constant clients and institutions don’t buy or sell digital money.

Buy Property with Cryptocurrency

Dennis Dijkstra who is the co-chief executive officer stated that  Flow Traders NV (which is a speed trader made in Amsterdam) is slowly making a market with the exchange-traded notes leaning towards Bitcoin and Ether. The company has increased the tradings of its own havens in the recent months, as said by XBT Provider.

There are five huge US speed traders that started to make the most out of the market when it came to cryptocurrencies, be them future or present. The Flow Traders which is based on Amsterdam, is among the first ones to show the buying-selling notes, that are listed on constant supply exchanges. There were some public traded notes that extend the demand of cryptocurrencies more like an asset due to giving a cheaper method of making a profit out of Bitcoin and Ether’s likes.

Dijkstra said in an interview that people usually underestimate cryptocurrencies. He also said that people don’t think high of the market participants, even though they are professionals. The institutional investors are drawn, and he knows for sure since they get requests. However, the optimism and enthusiasm of the investors from Flow Traders don’t seem to be shared by their watchdog.

This is prone to abuse

Nienke Torensma, who is the spokeswoman for the AFM, stated that they don’t encourage actions in the crypto world by consumers and the professional license holders. She also said that this whole thing is actually prone to abuse, given the asset of the innovation and anonymity that it could offer. It’s actually quite unable to keep its promise to make it as a currency.

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