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The next generation of crypto luxury: The White Company

What does the next generation of luxury look like? We may well have the answer in the form of The White Company. This is an organisation which is pre-empting the continuation of the move towards cryptocurrency, by offering a range of services and products aimed exclusively at those involved in the cryptocurrency industry – namely buyers, sellers, holders and merchants.

It seems like The White Company is backing the belief that soon, paying for items in cryptocurrency will be more like the norm than the exception. There is, of course, already a blossoming market. Feel like buying a Rolls Royce with your Bitcoin? The White Company can arrange it, and without the volatility risk by offering their own stablecoin – the White Standard. With the increasing recognition of the advantages offered by blockchain, which is independent of cryptocurrency volatility, it looks like The White Company is perfectly placed to offer the sector the solutions it wants, while also acting as a standard bearer for transparency.

Elizabeth White, founder and CEO at The White Company, explained: “While there’s so much potential behind various blockchain and crypto-related projects, our mission is to be a “White Knight” to actively educate the market, while also promoting and offering greater transparency, exchange, transfer, and liquidity within this space.”

The White Company – how it all began

Only last year, Elizabeth began riding the crest of the crypto wave by founding The White Company, bringing together a team which offers expertise in both luxury goods, and financial technology. From blockchain development to network security and art experts – it is quite staggering to see the knowledge pool which The White Company has brought together.

It is formidable, and positions the organisation well to succeed in all aspects of the crypto market. Add into the mix a talented and personable client relations manager, Natalie White, and it seems that they will be able to meet an important requirement of the luxury market: The ability to give clients the high level of service which they deserve, and to build client relationships which stand the test of time. In a new market, the importance of client relations cannot be underestimated.

Their first objective was to curate a collection of highly aspirational luxury items made exclusively available to high net worth individuals using cryptocurrency.

This is a collection which has been carefully assembled, drawing on the network of Elizabeth and her team. It features the best in fine art, automobiles and jewellery, and crucially, is available at the click of the mouse to the crypto currency world. From days out at the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix to Ferrari Hubolt watches and art works from the likes of Mark Flood – what The White Company can give you is experiences and items which are exclusive by their very nature, and you can pay for it all with cryptocurrency.

As time went on, Elizabeth and her team began to realise that the opportunity was there to diversify. That meant branching out into asset management and facilitation, where it appears there is a gap in the market for client friendly solutions.

Cryptocurrency is the future

The way Elizabeth White sees it, cryptocurrency lends itself to luxury, and it represents the future – both from a transactional and investment point of view.

She explains: “Cryptocurrencies, or “tokens”, represent first and foremost opportunities to fund projects that are revolutionising the way the world transacts, whether it be money or data. Secondarily, many may turn out to be attractive investments if the teams behind the projects realise their goals, and the value of the tokens increases. Investors still need to do their research. Many ICOs, although, seem to be solutions in search of a problem or often use “blockchain” as a buzzword when the solution they are working on does not really need blockchain technology.”

So as we move into the crypto era, it seems that The White Company is set to become a leader – both as a focal point for the investment in crypto, and as a place to spend it. The fashionable and fresh luxury goods which The White Company offers are in tune with the modern day crypto investor: A young, successful professional who enjoys the finer things in life, and doesn’t want to pull out their credit card every time they want to buy something!

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