If you are an early adopter of digital currency like Bitcoin and Litecoin, there is a strong likelihood that at some point you have stubbled across mentions of a man called Cliff High.

Computer programmer, cryptocurrency advocate, and occasional metaphysical philosopher, Cliff High is the author of a monthly report entitled, ‘The Web Bot Report.’ What is more, it is in this report that its author routinely makes startlingly accurate future cryptocurrency market price predictions.

Could a $119 Litecoin Price Prediction Soon Become a Reality?

Cliff High’s Web Bot reports are dismissed by many as something in between the realms of science fiction fantasy and pure conspiracy theory. In reality, however, each monthly Web Bot report is based on a sound analytical principle.

In order to create reports, Cliff High uses virtual spiders in the same way that search engines do to index web pages. Cliff’s spiders, however, don’t index anything. Instead, Cliff uses his web bots to analyze the ‘chatter’ of the Internet. More to the point, Cliff analyzes identifiable trends in chatter returned to him, in order to predict things like long-term cryptocurrency price movements.

Cliff’s latest prediction? – That between November 2017 and spring of 2018, Litecoin is going to jump in value to somewhere around $119. What is more, investors might want to take this Web Bot Report Litecoin price prediction seriously, especially given past reports accuracy predicting similar cryptocurrency market events.

Consistently Accurate Litecoin Price Predictions which are Impossible to Ignore

In Cliff High’s May 2017 Web Bot Report, Cliff predicted that Litecoin would remain essentially off the radar for many people throughout the summer. Looking forward to October and November, however, Cliff predicted that Litecoin would finally start to shine alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now, as many Litecoin price watchers will be aware, Litecoin

did hold steady for most of the summer of 2017, at approximately $40. Right on cue, however, Litecoin has started what might be a bull run, with the cryptocurrency currently trading at $67 per token.

A September Litecoin Price Prediction That Sees Litecoin Take on Ethereum

While it is easy to dismiss Cliff High’s May Web Bot report as potentially picking up on early chatter regarding South Korean exchange Coinone planning to list Litecoin, later reports aren’t as easy to dismiss.

In September, Cliff High’s Web Bot report for that month started to indicate that at some point in the near future, Litecoin could start competing against Ethereum for second place alongside Bitcoin at the cryptocurrency card table. What is more, at the time of going to print, there was no way that the September report could have logically anticipated the November hack which saw $160 million become locked (and for all intents and purposes lost) in the Ethereum blockchain.

Litecoin Taking on ETH isn’t as Far-Fetched as it Sounds

With almost two weeks having passed since the Ethereum hack which saw what might be $300 million in ETH become completely irrevocable, trust in ETH is fast diminishing. In fact, many traders are already starting to question why ETH is still valued as highly as it is. All this being the case, it is only natural to expect a different altcoin to finally start taking a stand against ETH and begin usurping its market dominance, What is more, that altcoin really could be Litecoin.

On November 17th, 2017, Litecoin and Bitcoin announced that they had successfully tested a new ‘Atomic Swap’ feature, This is one which effectively allows Bitcoin and Litecoin holders to instantly swap the two cryptocurrencies. What is more, this potentially provides Bitcoin users with an easier, faster, and cheaper way to actually spend their Bitcoin. The only question, in this case, is are you prepared to gamble on a $119 Litecoin price prediction? Or would you rather hold and see how many more times the Web Bot gets things right before investing?

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