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The White Company launches White Standard $USD-backed Stablecoin

White Wallet & White Pay system to enhance transparency, stability, and liquidity.

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Lots of investors in the crypto space are hesitant when it comes to using Bitcoin and ether due to lack of liquidity and volatility. A startup plans to change all this for the better.

The White Company is an innovator company in the crypto space launched in 2017 which aims to bring increased transparency and stability to the global market. The startup just introduced the White Standard stablecoin and its White Wallet. The latter is a big step towards building a broadly accessible crypto deposit, purchase, and investment ecosystem.

Brief introduction in The White Company and White Standard stablecoins

The White Company offers a stable and secure way of providing goods or immediately liquidate vast crypto holdings to cash, while at the same time offering all the crypto advantages.

White Standard Stablecoins are backed directly by the U.S. dollar deposits and audited monthly. You can purchase and redeem them at any time. The creation and deletion of the coins will be displayed on the company’s official website. White Standard is built on the Stellar blockchain which allows for seamless scalability and it comes it larger and faster transaction abilities, also with cheaper fees.

“The crypto community has yet to see a fully transparent or regularly audited stablecoin on the market. We’re excited to offer the ability for users to leverage White Standard as a simple cash alternative to transact in and out of other crypto holdings while also providing fast payments, without the risk of volatility,” stated Elizabeth White, The White Company CEO in a press release. “Another key concern of crypto holders is the liquidity restrictions most exchanges have in place. With White Standard, users can easily cash out to fiat without the typical limits and high fees, invest in other assets, or use their crypto wealth for purchases.”

White Wallet & White Pay system: features and advantages

The White Company is also introducing the White Wallet which brings together the benefits of integrated payment processing and the benefits of the decentralized blockchain. Users can pay anyone, anywhere without having to deal with the hassle of fees, because there are none within The White Company’s ecosystem.

The White Wallet enables C2C, C2B and B2B payments using the stablecoin. The startup is also working to develop the White Pay merchant ecosystem which is set to allow White Wallet holders to perform simple payments online or offline and to enjoy the speed and convenience of a debit/credit transaction but with fewer costs for the vendor.

The White Pay System will be integrated into the White Wallet.

The key features of the White Wallet include the following:

  • No fees and instant payments to all White Wallet users;
  • Zero fees to purchase White Standard with USD, BTH, ETH, and XLM;
  • Nominal fee of 0.1% to cash out to USD;
  • Unlimited purchase and redemption of White Standard;
  • Increased safety in the White Wallet.

The White Wallet will be a gateway to White Company Capital

The White Company Capital is a subsidiary asset management platform that allows clients to invest among some of the top performing managers in the world with strategies ranging from venture capital, equities, options, futures, bonds, and of course cryptocurrencies.

The feature will allow vetted managers to tokenize their funds seamlessly into a token that’s easily tradable, manageable and liquid. The functionality will be available for both U.S. accredited or non-U.S. investors.

“Leveraging state of the art technology through partnerships with top-tier crypto security providers, such as Microsoft Azure Key Vault and Google Authenticator, integrating two factor authentication and biometrics, the White Wallet will have a multifaceted functionality,” says Edgar Radjabli, Finance and Operations Manager of The White Company and Managing Partner of Apis Capital Management.

He also addressed the need to empower users to benefit from the crypto’s potential in the real world, saying that “Security combined with its ability to let users invest their holdings easily and efficiently in a number of tokenized funds representing multiple asset classes were necessary components in empowering users to harness crypto’s potential in the real world.”

The Apis Token is the first tokenized fund available on the White Wallet

Apis Token from the Apis Capital management is the first hedge fund that allows investors to take place in the neutral market strategy and to enjoy the advantages stemming from the flexibility of a token-based asset. You can learn more about the investment strategy from the Apis Token White Paper.

Closing words

The White Company’s luxury marketplace provides customers the opportunity to purchase luxury goods and curated experiences without compromising privacy.

The company aims to provide a safe and reliable marketplace for crypto investors, and it’s committed to offering the most transparent, trusted and privacy-based marketplace in the crypto space. Its White Company Capital asset management division allows for investments in tokenized hedge funds and offers enhanced fluidity to the crypto holders in the whole world. The White Company’s entire ecosystem is built on a firm foundation that lacks risk, expense and volatility and it’s instead based on stability, transparency, and increased security – the main elements for success in the crypto space.

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