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This Sector Of Crypto Industry Shows Resilience And Maturity

There’s a specific sector in the crypto industry that is showing resilience and maturity. Check out the following details about it below.

DApps show massive resilience and maturity

A new DappRadar report reveals that one sector of the crypto industry remains resilient even as an extended crypto winter continues to weigh on the markets.

In a new report, the market intelligence platform made sure to explain the fact that decentralized applications (DApps) are demonstrating “resilience and maturity” in the face of numerous events that have dragged down the industry overall.

The report finds that DApps saw an important increase in the number of unique active wallets, rising from an average of 1.58 million last year to an average of 2.37 million this year.

“The DApp (decentralized application) industry experienced a 50% increase in unique active wallets (dUAW) in 2022…”

The same report noted the following:

“However, the industry has been on a downward trend due to various events, including the war in Ukraine, the collapse of Terra Luna and the FTX situation. Despite these challenges, the DApp industry has demonstrated its resilience and maturity, while adoption of blockchain technology by consumers and businesses suggests that the future of the industry is bright.”

DappRadar also finds that Ethereum (ETH) remained the top decentralized finance protocol during this year amid the crypto bear market, while BNB Chain reclaimed second place.

ETH could explode in 2023

In a new Q&A update, Guy says that Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade, which will allow ETH to be unstaked, could make 2023 a big year for the project.

He says when investors see the unlock of billions of dollars worth of ETH, it may encourage them to also start staking their coins without having to worry. Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about this. Stay tuned for more news.

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