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Top 3 Monero Faucets to Win You XMR Without Spending A Penny

For those that are new to the cryptocurrency space, it is difficult to learn about the way they work, but crypto faucets are a great way to get started without even spending a penny. Let’s see how you can earn Monero (XMR) through the very best faucets available right now.

Before getting started, you should know what crypto faucets are – in short, they are winning you tokens without the need of purchasing through exchanges. The reward is small, but the way to earn free XMR is also effortless, allowing you to experiment with cryptocurrency and not spend money.

Express Faucet

The top Monero Faucet lets users access various cryptocurrencies and offers the user an on-platform wallet for storage. From 30 minutes to 30 minutes, users can auto claim around 0.0004275 XMR.

Express has more than 24,000 users since it was launched last year in October and up to date, it has a total payout of 0.57 XMR.


This website will ask users to solve captchas to receive XMR rewards. The payout can range from 0.000005 to 0.025 XMR. Users can mine while waiting to claim their rewards once every hour. While it’s not as efficient as traditional mining, web-browsing mining sends the payment to users’ accounts through the website. Users can also restrict the computing power they want to use for mining so that they can also continue browsing while they are mining for XMR.


This website is similar to MoneroFaucet.Info, as in it will reward users that solve captchas. However, they get paid once every 240 minutes. But the great thing about this crypto faucet is that it has a lottery game in which users can get more XMR. Users that have an account on XMR-Faucet can link the faucethub micro-wallet to get paid directly from the website.

No matter what crypto faucet you use for Monero (XMR), make sure you get more user feedback. Remember, security is your number one priority, and users’ thoughts on their favorite faucets are valuable information.

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