Travala (AVA) Secures 4 Partnerships Despite the Effects of Coronavirus on Global Travel

In brief:

  • The global travel and hotel industries have been adversely affected by the spread of the Coronavirus. 
  • President Trump has been quoted as considering the possibilities of a bailout for hotel ownders. 
  • Travala (AVA) has secured 4 partnerships in March despite the negative sentiment with respect to global travel and hotel bookings. 

Only a few hours ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified the Coronavirus (COV19) as a global pandemic. The rapid rate at which the virus is spreading has led many airlines to cut down on their passenger capacity in domestic and international flights. Several countries such as Israel and Australia, have also issued travel restrictions. The reduction of travel by consumers over fears of contracting the Coronavirus has also reduced the number of bookings related to hotels, cruise ships and holidays. President Trump has thus been quoted as considering a bailout for Hotel owners. However, Travala (AVA) has succeeded in securing four key partnerships amidst the effects of the Coronavirus on the hotel and travel industry,

Travala (AVA) Secures 4 Key Partnerships in the Month of March

As earlier mentioned, in the same month of March, Travala (AVA) has managed to secure 4 key partnerships that will expand the global reach of the project’s services.

To begin with, Travala has partnered with Indian Travel Supplier: GRNConnect. With this key partnership, Travala extends its reach to the over 1.35 Billion citizens of the great country of India.

Secondly, Travala has secured a partnership with RateHawk:  a powerhouse in the B2B accommodation market. The company has an amazing portfolio of over 1.3 Million global accommodation types including hotels, apartments, hostels and more. This partnership will additionally expand Travala’s reach across the globe.

Thirdly, Travala has partnered with the global hotel supplier of Restel & Hotusa.  This partnership provides Travala with additional access to Restel’s inventory of 395,000 hotels in over 10,000 destinations and across 175 countries.

Fourthly, Travala has secured a key partnership with Priceline: a leading Online Travel Agency. The latter company has hotel coverage in all corners of the globe with over 700,000 hotels in 71,000 destinations.

Travala’s New Roadmap for Q1 of 2020

Additionally, the team at Travala has released the project’s roadmap for Q1 of 2020. This roadmap includes:

  1. The launch of the first version of Travala’s mobile app
  2. Improvements to their digital wallet
  3. Plans to optimize the search function on their platform
  4. Use of search filters to improve user experience
  5. Improving loading speed on
  6. Optimizing content by improving hotel descriptions and more
  7. Onboarding new travel suppliers
  8. Launching a custom mobile website
  9. Increasing the use of AVA in staking and payments on the platform
  10. Completing a 2nd round of crowdfunding

Market Performance of AVA

Further checking the price of AVA in the cryptomarkets, we find that the token has not been spared by the Bitcoin and crypto market meltdown due to the effects of the Coronavirus on the global economy. AVA is currently trading at $0.1555 at the time of writing this.

As the crypto markets continue to tumble, AVA’s next support level is located at a price of $0.142. The token is clearly in bear territory judging by the fact that its value is currently below the 50 (white) and 100 (yellow) 4-hour Moving Average.

AVA/USDT chart courtesy of

(Feature image courtesy of Jeff Griffith on Unsplash)

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