It has been just reporetd that there are some unauthorized withdrawals that are hitting customers at a massive US bank. Check out more details about the reasons for which this is happening below.

Unauthorized withdrawals at important bank

Several customers of one of the largest banks in the US are reporting unexplained withdrawals from their accounts, causing them to lose money without any apparent reason.

If you bank with PNC, it is important to review your balance and verify that there are no unauthorized charges.

According to a report by the NBC-affiliated news station WPXI, Tom Rubritz was among the first to notice something amiss with his account balance when he observed an unusual withdrawal that he could not explain, which occurred while his wife was out shopping.

“My wife was out shopping today, so I went and was just checking on the account and looking at purchases and everything and I noticed a miscellaneous withdrawal of $11.72 in my account…

It’s a little concerning because it’s my money and nobody else’s. I was a little worried, that’s how scammers work. They start small and then go big.”

A number of PNC Bank customers have reported seeing random charges on their account, listed as “pending debit”.

The bank has confirmed that these unauthorized withdrawals are a result of a processing error and not due to any hacking activities.

The bank spokesperson has assured that their systems remain uncompromised and that their teams are taking measures to resolve the issue.

The bank has further stated that customers need not take any action as all incorrect transactions will be automatically reversed.

This is the second time that PNC Bank is facing account balance issues in a matter of weeks. Earlier, on November 14th, the bank had acknowledged a separate issue that caused pending transactions to appear multiple times in a few customers’ accounts.

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