It has been reported the fact that the US allies and the BRICS nations are making important moves in the financial space. Check out the latest reports about this below.

US allies and BRICS nations make moves in the financial space

Accoridng to a new tweet, the U.S. allies and BRICS nations are not only dumping U.S. Treasury bills but also U.S. Treasury Bonds that are nearing expiration.

More than $750 billion in U.S. debt is at stake, and if the U.S. fails to sell these bonds every month, the Federal Reserve may have to keep its money printers operating continuously.

Wall Street and the Federal Reserve are reportedly using this influx of currency to invest in Bitcoin ETFs. Such actions could lead to record-high inflation, signaling the end of the U.S. dollar’s dominance. Welcome to the Golden Era.

More than $750 billion in U.S. debt is at stake, and there’s a recurring issue each month: the U.S. struggles to sell these bonds, as there are no buyers.

In contrast, central banks are increasingly purchasing gold instead.

This lack of interest in U.S. bonds is compelling the Federal Reserve to print more money, thereby flooding the market.

This situation could lead to significant economic shifts, marking the start of a new ‘Golden Era’ in global finance.

Check out the following tweet as well:

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