Roman Storm, one of the founders of crypto mixer Tornado Cash, has been released on bail after being accused of laundering $1 billion by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). His defense attorney, Brian Klein, has stated that while Storm helped develop Tornado Cash, he is not accused of laundering money himself.

US released Tornado Cash Founder on bail

Rather, he is being charged with money laundering for his involvement in the development of the software. Klein believes that this could have dangerous implications for all software developers.

Storm was charged alongside another Tornado Cash founder, Roman Semenov, for allegedly conspiring to assist North Korean hacking group Lazarus in laundering money.

As stated by Attorney General Merrick Garland in the press release,

According to the indictment, the accused were involved in a $1 billion operation to assist other criminals in laundering and hiding their funds through cryptocurrency.

They laundered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of a North Korean cybercrime group that was sanctioned by the U.S. government.

These charges should serve as a reminder to anyone who believes they can use cryptocurrency to conceal their crimes and identities, including through cryptocurrency mixers.

Regardless of how complex or advanced your scheme may be, the Department of Justice will hold you responsible for your actions.

In other news, a popular cryptocurrency trader has made a prediction that a mid-cap altcoin could potentially double in value following a market downturn.

The latest news in the crypto space

During a recent video session, a well-known crypto analyst named Michaël van de Poppe revealed to his 162,000 YouTube subscribers that the decentralized derivatives exchange, Injective (INJ), could potentially reach $15 based on its past price behavior.

The analyst noted that INJ appears to be following a pattern from March and June, where it experienced a dip alongside Bitcoin (BTC), but then recovered faster than the leading crypto.

As of August 18th, Injective (INJ) has returned to its pre-dump levels, indicating a possible resurgence of market trend and momentum. However, it’s important to note that reaching the $30,000 BTC level would require significant strength from Bitcoin and is unlikely to happen all at once.

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