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VeChain Teams Up With INPI Asia To Incorporate Nanotech Digital Identity Solutions In VeChainThor Platform

VeChain Foundation teams up with INPI Asia, a company that offers innovative solutions and improvements in the digital identification area via combinations of nanotech. VeChain is responsible for searching and finding ways on how the VeChainThor platform can seek more advanced capabilities through approaching the best solutions and product makers.

The announcement was spotted on VeChain’s Medium channel and it begins by describing VeChain Foundation’s responsibilities.

In order to create a platform with holistic capabilities, VeChain Foundation’s approach is to integrate the best product makers and solution developers around the world into our ecosystem. By combining software solutions, hardware and IoT solution capabilities the VeChainThor Platform can reach the maximum amount of use cases covered, and in turn, expedite the rate that mass adoption can take place, VeChain writes.

INPI Asia’s solution is the NDCode

INPI Asia has the ability to disrupt the current dynamic of the RFID/NFC/QR Code dominant market when it’s used correctly. NDCode will benefit the IoT market via the following steps noted by the announcement:

  • It will add nano identification to products, this way enabling a brand new world of connected “THINGS.”
  • It’s set to allow a security level with photonic property.
  • It will begin an endless life cycle to digital identification.
  • It will open borderless scalability potential and increase cost efficiency.

The use cases for NDCOde are infinite especially considering that this technology expands upon of the apparent limitations featured by  RFID, QR code, and NFC chips.

Main features of NDCode

The present highlights of the NDCode include the following: high-temperature resistance, long lasting, high identification rate, arbitrary shape, high structural strength, broad adoption, and invisibility.

Using the VeChainThor Blockchain platform, the layers of security and value verification that are added by INPI ASIA and VeChain can be verified for the origin and history, and they won’t be altered in any way. All fraudulent movements and changes will be detected via the VeChainThor blockchain.

According to the same Medium post, the use of NDCode within various industries will provide a unique opportunity for mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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