VNX Exchange Expands Its Activity And Liquidity-Related Solution In Asia With Zing Yang As New Senior Vice President

Luxembourg-based VNX Exchange is a marketplace and trading platform destined for tokenized venture capital assets.

VNX’s main focuses include increasing liquidity for the venture capital industry, addressing risk diversification in early-stage investing and also enabling more extensive investor access to startups with high potential.

VNX exchange brings its tokenized venture capital marketplace to Asia

VNX Exchange appoints new Senior Vice President Zing Yang in Asia. Yang will be assisting the company in extending their activity and services in Asia.

Yang will be responsible for the following activities:

  • Establishing local footprint
  • Developing the ecosystem in Asia
  • Taking care of investor relations in the region
  • Assisting the company in its expansion to Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea

Yang flaunts an extended experience in investment management, and this includes working in private and public equity, venture capital. And also token investments.

She also has experience in use case consulting, strategy and business model design.

Another exciting thing about Yang is that she is a director at the Litecoin Foundation.

With Yang on board, VNX Exchange will boost its recognition on a global scale

Alexander Tkachenko, VNX Exchange CEO and founder, has welcomed Yang to his team.

“Being from Luxembourg, one of the leading global financial hubs with an excellent environment for Fintech projects has already attracted substantial interest from European investors, ecosystem partners, and venture funds,” he stated, according to the official press release.

VNX CEO also said that they are seeing an increased demand from Asian investors and high interest from the region’s venture community.

He continued and said that with Yang on board, the exchange would be able to boost its success and recognition in Asia because she will be building a robust ecosystem for the platform.

Yang also expressed her excitement to join the team in a time which is currently more than promising for the whole venture market development.

She believes that “While the global interest in ICOs has decreased dramatically, the current global venture market is still healthy.”

She also highlighted that with VNX Exchange’s focus of unlocking liquidity via the blockchain tech, this solution would be welcomed with high demand not only in Asia but all over the world.


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