There has been a recent issue at a large bank causing customers to withdraw cash that does not belong to them. The details of this problem are outlined below.

Free money banking glitch is addressed

Due to a software bug, individuals could send up to $1,000 to digital banking applications such as Revolut, even if they did not have sufficient funds.

According to The Irish Times, once the transfer was completed, Bank of Ireland customers could withdraw the funds from an ATM.

Once the loophole was discovered, news of it quickly spread on social media, and individuals rushed to try it out.

An anonymous customer shared with Vice that they learned about the bug via text and were surprised when it worked without any issues.

After finishing work, he said that he received numerous texts on his phone claiming that Bank of Ireland was offering free money. He initially tried it as a joke, but surprisingly, it worked.

Although the messages stated that the money had to be returned, he decided to keep it since he won’t receive my salary until Thursday.

With the extra cash, he treated himself to full highlights, bought a few T-shirts, and booked some studio time. However, the app currently doesn’t show any outstanding balance, so he is not sure how to repay it even if he wanted to.

The bank has issued an apology for the mistake and announced that all withdrawals will be considered as debits in customers’ accounts.

According to them, the number of transactions made on the night of the incident is not a significant portion of their average daily transaction volume.

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