Weiss Ratings Calls Cardano (ADA) The Most Effective And Profitable Blockchcain Project But Gets Accused Of Losing Credibility

Cardano and its coin and projects have been in the spotlight a lot recently.

The community seems to be putting all its faith into Shelley, and this is believed to be a game changer that will also make sure to boost ADA’s price.

Smartereum recalls that right after the release of the Cardano Shelley roadmap, the price predictions for ADA for 2020 became really bullish.

Weiss Ratings praises Cardano

Weiss Ratings is now placing the project in the top effective ones, and they also say that ADA is one of the cheapest coins out there.

Crypto Economy writes that the project is among the best ones due to its reputation of taking a research-driven approach towards the blockchain tech.

Here’s Weiss Ratings’ tweet:


The opinions in the comments section on Twitter were really varied.

Some people are accusing Weiss Ratings of losing their credibility after this tweet.

Someone said: “You are out of your mind, By this tweet literally, you lost all your credit.”

One commenter responded: “I think that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Cardano has 5 testnets of virtual machines and programming languages.. and they have much more (research, partnerships, MOU’s, and more…)”

There were a lot of crypto enthusiasts who agreed with Weiss Ratings and said that Cardano is indeed the best project in the crypto space.

Massive debate on Reddit as well

The discussion that took place on Reddit led to a user say that Cardano is not a blockchain until Shelley is launched.

The Reddit user noted: “Fun fact: Cardano is not a blockchain platform until Shelley is released,” and continued to explain: “platform. noun. “a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are developed.” Cardano is not yet used as a base for applications, so it’s not a platform.”

Anyway, regarding ADA’s price, the predictions are optimistic because there are a lot of strong fundamentals and technical indicators that are suggesting a bullish price for this year and 2020 as well.


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