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Why Google Pay Needs Ripple (XRP)

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Android Pay just re-branded to Google Pay earlier this week. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the search engine giant is feeling the heat with respect to mobile phone payments and the ease consumers are embracing such forms of commerce. You can also see that this action by Google might be in response to the constant popularity of cryptocurrencies and the pending release of Litepay in less that 4 days. Litepay promises to be first in market to providing a gateway for cryptocurrency owners to pay for regular goods and services using Litecoin.

It is with this premise and the rapid evolution of payment service providers that it would be prudent for the cool guys at Google to reach out to the Ripple (XRP) team and Brad Garlinghouse in a partnership that I believe will cause major seismic activity in the Crypto-Verse, Internet and generally change the world of global commerce as we know it.

So why does Google Pay Need Ripple (XRP)?

The first reason is a bit unusual in the sense that it is not technical. Google needs to link up with Ripple for the simple fact that Ripple (XRP) has the momentum going. Whenever we open the internet, we see a new partnership or a new bank willing to work with the Ripple Team and the payment settlement solutions offered by them. One recent example is the testing of Ripple’s money settlement services by The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority. This organization is the equivalent of the central bank of the Kingdom. This partnership will see Saudi Arabian banks using Ripple’s xCurrent software and infrastructure to settle payments more efficiently. Google needs to grab on this momentum that Ripple is exhibiting and also partner with them.

The second reason why Google Pay needs Ripple, is the highly publicized benefits of using Ripple as a payment option. To start, the transaction costs are cheap. It only costs $0.0004 per Ripple transaction. Each transaction takes 3.3 seconds on the Ripple network. This lighting speed is congruent to Google’s search engine speeds that return instant results. The partnership can even be dubbed as the Lighting Partnership! Wooooo! Like the Legendary Ric Flair!

The third reason Google Pay might need Ripple (XRP) is the interoperability and integration with other money remitting service providers that are already planning on using Ripple. Moneygram and Western Union have partnered with Ripple and are testing the Ripple network for the back-end payment settlement system for money transfers. The Ripple Network could end up being the backbone of all money remitting services and Google Pay would have a smooth time if its payment settlement system is also by Ripple. Think of it this way; Google Pay, Moneygram, Western Union and Banks are the four wheels of a vehicle and Ripple is the chassis that holds everything together.

I am sure by now you are wondering what such a partnership between Google Pay and Ripple would do to the price of Ripple (XRP). In an earlier article, I had mused on the effects of Ripple (XRP) being used for all the global money settlement services around. Such a strategic hostile takeover of Ripple for all money settlement activities would result in the coin doing a whopping $692.30!

Why and how? Because the market cap of such global transactions is $27 Trillion. Then you divide that by the amount of Ripple (XRP) coins in circulation, and you get the $692.30.

In summary, and what I am trying to put forth, is that it will be in Google Pay’s best interest if it were to partner with Ripple as it moves ahead with its plans of having a payement services app. The tide is quickly turning from traditional fiat, VISA and Mastercard; and is now leaning and furiously knocking on the doors of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Ripple is the best fitted coin and infrastructure to open that door.

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  • v says:

    why google would go with xrp when they can develop their own, having the resources and minds to do so?

    • Obi Wan Kenobi says:

      Ripple’s xCurrent and xRapid software is already working. Why bother create a new one when there is a product that works? It is like redesigning a BMW. Where is the point in that?

      • Rab says:

        Because it’s google, and because they can…

        “Why redesign the BMW” is a terrible comparison… That would be like telling Audi to just join BMW and not make their own cars because, well, they already have cars in that market.

        • ICO_investor says:

          Rab :Because it’s google, and because they can…

          That’s just as much of a horrible argument. Companies do things in order to make the most amount of money in the shortest period of time, not because they can.

    • dew says:

      Makes no sense. Google would have to develop a product that took Ripple five years to create and develop. Google would then have to do an ICO, skirt around SEC issues, regulation issues, etc. Instead, they can sign up with Ripple and have all of those issues sorted out for them already.

      It is entirely feasible that Google Pay, and Apple Pay for that matter, sign up for Ripple in the coming year(s).

    • John Njui says:

      Time is of essence. By the time they develop one, Google pay would have faded away in the shadows of Litepay, Crypterium and Bankera.

    • ICO_investor says:

      Google is an early investor in Ripple. why invest in something and then compete with it?

  • Patrick luk says:

    If am correct, Google is one of Ripple Labs founding investor.

  • تبلیغات در گوگل says:

    Too many Thanks for advertising agency info

  • Lazar says:

    I think Google will jump Stellar train. Ripple has “backdoor” and its NOT decentralized.
    whose systems run all Banks networks?
    who has all the logistics already in the place and working?

    You guessed right..the very IBM

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