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Will FileCoin (FIL) Finally Silent Naysayers with its Mainnet Launch?

In summary:

  • A recent tweef highlighted the fact that its been 3 years with no FileCoin (FIL) Mainnet launch. 
  • In a recent update, the team at FileCoin (FIL) gave an estimated launch date in the 3rd quarter of 2020. 
  • Will Filecoin (FIL) finally silent the naysayers with a successful Mainnet launch?

Crypto twitter has forever been a resourceful place to find the latest crypto project updates and price action in addition to all the back and forth conversations between crypto enthusiasts. In a recent discussion regarding the rebranding of BitTorrent’s BTFS file system, Filecoin (FIL) senior team member @JuanBenet pointed out how the new BTT logo might have been plagiarized. This was in reference to a wide-held theory that Justin Sun has always found inspiration from other projects. This tweet prompted the response of Mr. Sun, who had this to say:

Seriously? Do you own the Hexagon shape? You need to reexamine your ego bro. A shame that #IPFS hasn’t delivered on filecoin system in 3 years & #BTFS/#BTT have been running smoothly. You’re a vaporware scamming your investors w/ concept for a long time. Shame on you!

Justin Sun’s Perspective of Filecoin

Tron’s CEO went on to defend the BitTorrent project by further stating that FileCoin is the one that has ‘copied and pasted’ BitTorrent’s technology. To note is that the FileCoin (FIL) ICO happened at the same time the Tron (TRX) ICO was carried out. The latter event happened in September 2017 and the crowdfunding efforts raised a cool $257 Million. The Tron ICO was also carried out in September of 2017 and raised $70 Million. Doing the math, Filecoin raised  3.67x the amount Tron did.

However, in terms of output and developments, the Tron project has had plenty of milestones. The project recently celebrated its secondAnniversary of its Mainnet launch. Justin Sun looks set to continue with his work ethic as respective teams continue to work hard on the projects of Tron, BitTorrent, DLive and Poloniex. When we compare the accomplishments of TRON, we understand why Justin Sun referred to the Filecoin project as Vaporware.

Will the FileCoin Mainnet Silence Naysayers?

In a recent project update, the team at Filecoin stated that the Mainnet would be launched between mid-July and mid-August 2020. The full roadmap to the Mainnet is available here.

Additionally, the team explained that they had to postpone the launch due to the impact of Coronavirus. With the spread of COVID19, Filecoin’s community members in China had requested the team to postpone the launch of Phase 2 of its Testnet by two to three weeks. This, in turn, would push forward the Mainnet launch date.

At the time of writing this, the Mainnet launch is approximately 3 months away. Therefore, the team at Filecoin has plenty of time to silence the naysayers with a superior product and a token which will provide considerable returns in the crypto markets for the project’s ICO investors.

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