Back in March, we were proudly announcing that following a revamping of our whole project, we thought about showing our gratitude to our readers who have remained by our side through the good and the bad.

We organized a Ledger Nano X giveaway in order to give ten lucky winners the unique opportunity to win a Ledger Nano X.

A Ledger Nano X will keep your crypto safe for a better future that we’re all looking forward to with high hopes these days.

CryptoGazette reveals ten lucky Ledger Nano X winners

Now, CryptoGazette is happy to announce the ones who followed the required steps in order to enter the competition and get a useful device.

So, here are the winners below:

Three of the devices have already been shipped, and they’ll soon meet their owners, but we have a few more to go.

Considering that 9 out of 10 winners were from out of Europe, this makes it a bit difficult to ship right now with all the customs these days.

But, don’t worry, you’ll all get your new crypto BFF to store your valuable assets!

As we were announcing back in March, Ledger declined our request to have the devices shipped directly from themselves, so we’ve had to order them ourselves and forward them to our readers, sealed.

Anyway, we’re really grateful to all of our readers for their continuous support, and we’ll make sure to show our gratitude again as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, make sure to hold your crypto on your new Ledger and enjoy all the advantages that come with it!

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