4 Key Pillars Behind the Resilient Stratis (STRAT) Boom

Stratis (STRAT) With more millionaires being made from cryptocurrencies every day, investment in digital currencies is rapidly taking center stage in the world’s economy. Every serious investor is seriously considering delving into cryptocurrencies if they are not there already. With this new trend rapidly catching on, it is important that you consider the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. equally important is the knowledge of how the coins you decide on are stored.

One digital currency that has caught the attention of both the seasoned and the upcoming investors in the Stratis (STRAT). The fact that it rose to the list of top ten with a market capitalization of over $1 billion bears this out. As a blockchain based technology, Stratis has done quite well to the excitement of its investors. From a look at its history and a keen study of charts, it is obvious that the cryptocurrency will continue to pursue its current path with consistency.

Image 1 – Stratis (STRAT) charts. Source: https://coinmarketcap.com

So, what could be driving the boom in Stratis crypto? Here is a look at the key factors:

1. Superior Technology

Unlike some digital currencies whose technology is dependent on the C++ language, Stratis is designed with the C# language which has enhanced, superior features. Stratis has therefore been designed with simplicity in mind. This superior technology gives Stratis the advantage of acting as a Blockchain-As-A-Service (BAAS) platform for institutions and corporations. What this means is that business concerns can apply Stratis’ superior blockchain technology for a variety of uses across many different industries. This makes Stratis stand in good stead with its users and investors.

2. The Myriad Applications of Stratis

The wide array of benefits of the Stratis in the world makes it an obvious choice for many people. Most of these interesting uses are already in application, while a few others are at advanced stages of development. Stratis will impact the following facets of our existence:

i. Research in Medicine

Stratis will provide a solid and reliable database of records that medical researchers, publishers and record keepers can turn to for dispute resolution. With Stratis, everyone will be able to carry out their work in the full knowledge that their work will be taken as legitimate and as such will not be disputed.

ii. Impact on Internet of Things (IoT)

Stratis has the unique potential to positively impact on inventory, transportation, supply chain and a raft of other industry verticles. Everything will be brought on the blockchain, making it possible for things to be updated in real time through internet consensus.

iii. Product Verification & Tracking (Provenance)

Counterfeiters and fraudsters have been known to take advantage of loopholes in the manufacturing and distribution process of products to wreak havoc. WITH Stratis, this need not be a worry. The solution is to put each batch of products on the Stratis blockchain, and the products will be effectively verified and tracked without a hassle.

iv. Fintech Space

Stratis is primed to solve real problems like Clearing and Forwarding Management, Identity Theft, KYC compliances, among other associated problems that have posed a challenge for many people and systems.

The above is just a sample of the potential benefits of Stratis, meant to show that it is a robust, dynamic technology that is worth every time, effort and finances in investment.

3. The Robust Talent Behind Stratis

A key reason to persuade anyone to invest in Stratis is the sheer expertise that propels the cryptocurrency. Here is a look at the key personnel in the team.

i. Chris Trew

He is the CEO, and one of the two founder members of Stratis. He has vast experience in the fields of Enterprise IT, Technology, Architecture and Consultancy.

ii. Nicolas Dorier

His great love for the world of digital currency led him to partner with Chris to found Stratis. He worked for a period of about two years to fashion Stratis in the C# language that gives is its unique competitive edge.

iii. Pieterjan Vanhoof

He is a Stratis blockchain developer. He relies on his extensive expertise as dot NET developer to add value to Stratis.

iv. Jeremy Bokobza

Jeremy has a thorough knowledge and architectural designs of dot NET technologies, as well as the development of C#.

v. Dan Gershony

He too is a software engineer with over a decade’s experience dealing with MS Stack.

4. Stratis 98 Million Fixed Supply

The STRAT tokens were divided among the key stakeholders after the ICO. There is a fixed total of 98 million STRAT tokens available. The distribution of the Stratis tokens was done as follows:

i. ICO Investors – 84 million (85.7%)

ii. The Stratis Team – 8 million

iii. Marketing & Bounties – 4 million

iv. Partners and Advisers – 2 Million

The entire 98 million STRAT tokens are in circulation, with each unit going for about $10.7. With the Stratis having achieved a market capitalization of above $1 billion, there is only one way the price could go – up. The prudent investor knows that the right time to invest in the cryptocurrency is now.



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