A New Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Emerges – Promises To Unveil His Identity And Confirm $10 Billion BTC Fortune

There have been more self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto over time, and probably the most famous one so far was Craig Wright.

A new Satoshi appears

Now, there’s a new self-proclaimed Satoshi who has just emerged according to the latest reports. This person declares that he’s the anonymous creator of Bitcoin.

The company called Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance (SNR) Holdings promises that Satoshi will finally break his silence and prove his identity, writes the online publication the Daily Hodl.

An official press release notes that “After a decade of anonymity, Satoshi Nakamoto will break his silence in Part I of his ‘My Reveal’ Sunday, August 18th, at 4:00 p.m. EDT…”

The press release continues: “In addition to his real-life identity, Nakamoto will use ‘My Reveal’ to divulge such facts as his country of origin, education, professional background, and why he has yet to move any of his 980,000 Bitcoins.”

One of the few ways in which a real Satoshi could prove their identity would be to move BTC out of one of the very first and oldest blocks on the ledger.

Charlie Lee, LTC creator said that there’s only one way for the true creator of BTC to step forward.

The online publication mentioned above notes that the first genesis of block bitcoins cannot be moves but the private key can be used to sign a message and only the real Satoshi could do this.

SNR says that the proof will be released on the official website and also the site for digital marketing agency Ivy McLemore & Associates.

Today, the first part of the reveal

SNR promises that the so-called Satoshi will also detail his vision for the future of the leading cryptocurrency.

Today should be the big day. It seems that this so-called Satoshi chose “August 18 not only to register bitcoin.org in 2008, but also to release Part I of ‘My Reveal’ this coming Sunday on the 11th anniversary of his registration of bitcoin.org through AnonymousSpeech.com.”


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