Binance Participates In Malta’s DELTA Summit As BCF Gathers Support, Reports NASDAQ

Changpeng Zhao proudly tweeted that NASDAQ carried news about his exchange Binance and Blockchain Charity Foundation along with news related to Tron Foundation and Malta.

DELTA Summit in Malta

NASDAQ reported that more than 3,500 blockchain industry experts and government officials took part at the inaugural DELTA Summit in Malta during the past week.

Zhao spoke there about the impact of the blockchain technology on driving economic growth.

Zhao highlighted Malta’s forward-thinking leadership and said: “This is a country where the leaders and the government understand blockchain technology.”

Zhao also encouraged more companies to learn about and explore establishing in Malta, where Binance announced the launch of the country’s first fiat-to-crypto exchange earlier this year.

DELTA Summit is Malta’s first official blockchain conference

The summit took place between October 3 and 5 and is Malta’s first official blockchain conference.

The summit’s target is to “generate and promote a global cryptocurrency discussion” and “highlight the government’s efforts to establish Malta as a pioneering and blockchain embracing country,” according to NASDAQ’s report.

After the summit, Malta’s president Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca co-hosted a reception at San Antonio Palace with Binance, BCF, and the President’s Trust to support the use of blockchain tech in the battle against poverty.

Tron supports BCF

More than this, Tron team who is a dedicated supporter of using blockchain technology for social good, pledged a significant amount in funding to BCF to support it achieve this goal.

Binance and BCF are set to convene on the 24th of October in Geneva, for the Blockchains for SustainainbleDeveopment forum, which will bring together important names in the industry to continue the conversation sparked during the summit.

Security token enthusiasts also had a lot to celebrate these days after the latest news.

Binance revealed a strategic partnership with Malta Stock Exchange in order to develop a brand new blockchain platform.

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